Important Tips For Picking The Right Engineering College

Engineering or B. Tech is an extremely popular career choice among the youth these days. The aim behind this trend is the large number of interesting and rewarding jobs and careers offered by this field. There is no scarcity of jobs for capable engineers in India. With the growing demand of engineers, more and more engineering colleges are also coming up. Those students, who are seeking admission in a private engineering college or university, whether they are searching for the best B Tech College in Delhi NCR or another city, must make a careful and informed choice regarding the institution.

Here are some significant tips for picking the right engineering college that would prove helpful for you in making the right choice:
Faculty should be strong in number and quality. The quality of education in a university greatly depends on the excellence of faculty. That is to say, the faculty must be competent and adequately qualified to perform their duties well. Also, there should be adequate number of full-time faculty members, besides the visiting faculty.

Infrastructure and amenities must be up to date. The things such as classrooms, labs, library, auditoriums, activity rooms, cafeteria, medical room, sports area, gymnasium, accommodation, and parking area constitute the infrastructure in a college campus. The facilities comprise purified drinking water, sanitized toilets, free Wi-Fi zones, helpdesk, and free transportation, etc., inside the campus. These things must be present to create a favorable environment for learning.

Curriculum must be intelligently designed. The curriculum for an engineering course should be designed to make a strong base of students in their subject. The curriculum should comprise both theory and practical sessions in a way that exhibits a proper balance. There must also be occasional workshops and seminars related to study.

Placement rate and quality must be high. The placement office of a college or university is responsible for overseeing the tasks pertaining to placement of students. The placement rate and superiority (salary packages offered) determines the effort of the placement office and excellence of education in an educational institute. Also, look for the number of pre-placement offers made to students; the more the better.

Proper recognition and accreditation is also vital. Any private university in India gains a legitimate status only when it is duly recognized by the University Grants Commission or UGC. Also, there must be proper accreditation by a statutory body such as the AICTE.

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